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Krav Maga Classes in Winter Garden

VI Levels is a MMA & Fitness Center Located in Winter Garden, Florida. We offer several on-going programs with multiple weekly classes for Kids starting at the age of 3. Choose from 3 of our on-going programs, for kids 3-5 years old we have Mighty Mites, our most popular program Youth is for Kids typically between 5-9 and our Teen program which the youngest can be about 10 years old. We don't focus so much on age but more skill.

We also have our Adult Program with Weekly classes and our Women's Self Defense Program. Along with our on-going programs you have a variety of Semi-Private and Private Programs to choose from. These programs are tailored to your needs and taught by one of our World Class or Celeberty Trainers.

About Krav Maga Classes in Winter Garden

Krav Maga is a modern, effective, and dynamic self-defense fighting practice. It is designed for practical and intuitive use for people of all sizes, shapes, and ages. Its techniques are hinged upon an individual’s natural instincts and their ability to develop skills quickly and effectively, with the goal of turning those skills into reflexes. Ultimately, Krav Maga is meant to enable its students to address and counter attacks in most scenarios so they may protect themselves and remain safe, even during the most brutal of attacks.

Krav Maga is actually the Hebrew term for “contact combat.” It was developed in the 1950s combining the techniques and philosophies of various martial arts — especially those with a strict purpose for fight training. The martial art was designed by Imi Lichtenfeld, who practiced boxing, grappling, and other forms of martial arts from a young age. Originally, Krav Maga was meant to be taught to the Israeli Defense Forces for training military personnel in hand-to-hand combat. It therefore encompasses a “no-holds-barred” mentality and forgoes the ceremonial and ritualistic aspects of most traditional martial arts.

In Krav Maga, punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and grappling techniques are utilized for self-defense. It also utilizes headbutts, groin strikes, eye gouges, throat strikes, and strikes to the back of the head — although these types of strikes are illegal in sanctioned competitions, for obvious reasons. It’s a very unique martial art style as its purpose is to bring individuals to a high level of proficiency in hand-to-hand combat in a short period of time.  

The philosophy behind Krav Maga is deeply rooted in efficiency, aggression, and most importantly, survival. It involves some traditional elements of martial arts practices, such as katas, forms, and rules for competition, with the main rule being survival by any means necessary. 

Of course, just like most martial arts, Krav Maga also teaches that the best way to win a fight is to avoid getting into a fight in the first place, which is why the art also explores de-escalation techniques to learn how to avoid conflict. When conflict is unavoidable, it teaches you to use everything at your disposal to neutralize the threat while remaining calm.

The key principles enforced in Krav Maga include: Identifying the immediate threat, using your body’s natural reaction to your advantage, defending and counter attacking simultaneously, aggressively targeting the most vulnerable areas, and utilizing technique over strength. 

Students of Krav Maga learn single defenses that work for multiple types of attacks, including attacks that involve weapons like guns, knives, and blunt objects. In addition to learning how to survive an attack, Krav Maga also teaches people awareness and prevention techniques, as well as how to perform better under stress. Once an individual masters the basics of Krav Maga, they will train to manage multiple attacks that occur simultaneously and how to navigate more complicated situations standing upright and on the ground. 

Public instruction of Krav Maga began in the late 70s, and today multiple forms are taught, including self-defense for civilians, de-escalating, detaining, and arresting for law enforcement, and of course, standard practices for military forces.

VI Levels Winter Garden

Ready To Claim Your Free Week of Training?

On-Going Programs

We go the extra mile for the kids, but we don’t take forever to get there.

Within each program we offer a variety of classes, that meet multiple times per week. Each class within the program is designed to further advance everyone with our VI levels in mind.


Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes
Ages 3-5
This mighty fun class is great for improving developmental milestones. Our Mighty Might's are given a platform of coordination, following directions and patience all while teaching the foundation of Self Defense.


Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes
Ages 6-9
Our non-traditional, enhanced, Mixed Martial Arts and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu program will give your child the mental and physical skills that will assist them in everyday life. All while increasing their enthusiasm and understanding of discipline.


Teen Jiu Jitsu Classes
Ages 10-14+
Our Teens Program is a continuation of our younger programs. Whether you are just joining us, or you have been with us from the beginning. Your teen will continue to develop skills designed to help them in the real world.


Adult Jiu Jitsu Classes
Ages 15+
Whether you've trained before or you're ready to start a new chapter in life. Our Adult Program is a wonderful place for people who want to learn Self-Defense, have fun, get in great shape, all while under the watchful eye of skilled instructors.

Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense Classes
Ages 6+
Our Women’s Self-Defense is a 5 Week Program that meets once a week for 90 minutes. This is Women's Self-Defense thats molded to everyday situations, that’s Simple, Practical, And Most of All — Reliable.


Free Week Trial
Seriously, A Free Week!
We are currently offering a FREE WEEK TRIAL for Mighty Mites, Youth, Teen and Adult Programs. Simply sign up & select the first class you or your child would like to attend, completly FREE. Once you arrive for your class, we will handle the rest.

Semi-Private & Private Programs

Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.

Our Semi-Private and Private programs offer individual and semi-individual classes that can meet multiple times per week. Helping you to form a habit that is life changing and healthy.


Fitness Classes
Ages 6 +
We offer Group and Private Classes to help get the results you desire. People who are looking for more personal attention, can hire one of our world-class coaches for Fitness & Cardio Training. Your challenge, become the best version of you!


Women's Self-Defense Classes
Ages 6 +
Women’s Self-Defense That’s Simple, Practical, And Most of All — Reliable. Our Women’s Self-Defense program is based on the effective and efficient techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Molded to everyday situations.


Striking MMA Classes
Ages 6 +
Striking revolves around learning how to use your knees, legs, and arms to protect yourself or someone you love. Bringing in a foundation of Muay Thai, you'll become more comfortable and confident with your body.


Campus Defense Classes
Ages 16 +
Whether you're sending your daughter or son off to college. Or you're a current college student, learning how to get yourself out of tricky situations is a life skill. Train with our Celebrity Trainers to learn how to maneuver through life.


Model Muggin Classes
Ages 16 +
Learn what to do, and what not do, in the unfortunate event of a mugging. Life sometimes throws us curve balls, be prepared when the time counts. Protect yourself and your loved ones with confidence and skills to last a lifetime.


Family Safe Classes
Entire Household
Having the family know what to do in a worst-case scenario provides a foundation for everyone to work from. Your family will build upon what to do and what not do in the event of real-life emergencies.


Handgun Protection Classes
Ages 16 +
Learn how to use and control your handgun effectively and safely. Learning how you can safely manipulate and control your weapon will boost your confidence and abilities for those unforeseen times.


Handgun Manipulation Classes
Ages 16 +
Learn Handgun Manipulation. When faced with an impossible decision, what do you do? Learning how to break down those seemingly impossible feats, gives you the strength and confidence in yourself to come out on top.


Tactical Jiu Jitsu Classes
Ages 16 +
Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™ (TJJ™) is a blend of martial arts, military, and law enforcement strategies. It is a street-ready program for anyone who is serious about self-defense and personal protection.


Sports Conditioning Classes
Ages 6 +
Our Sports Conditioning Program is geared towards the athlete who is looking to enhance their workout.


MMA Conditioning Classes
Ages 16 +
Our MMA Conditioning Program is geared towards the MMA athlete who is looking to enhance their workout, learn new skills and enhance specific areas of their Defense & Offense.


Home Invasion Classes
Ages 6 +
Geared towars the entire household to provide skills and the knowledge on how to handle a home invasion.


Anti-Bullying Classes
Ages 6 - 16
One of our most popular programs, our Anti-Bullying classes are for ages 6-16 and provide the foundation to give kids the skills on how to handle bullies in modern day situations.


Mix & Match Classes
Ages 6 +
Looking for something but you're not too sure what? Why not try a little bit of everything? Or a lot a bit of something? Find your passion and do a sampling of all our privates and/or semi-private classes.


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