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About VI Levels

Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Training Center.

From Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Self-Defense, Striking, Muay Thai, Boxing, Fitness, Cardio Conditioning and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). There's something for every member of the family, including your little ones. Our Classes & Programs are available from 2 1/2 Years of age and Older.

Our Programs

The Most Effective Mixed Martial Arts Kids Training Programs in the Country.

Our classes focus on exercise, education, and effectiveness. While reinforcing core values such as Confidence, Discipline, and Respect in a fun and safe environment.

Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites is for the smallest member of your family. Scheduled for half an hour- twice a week, this fun class is great for improving developmental milestones while engaging each child in “play”. This program helps prepare the youngsters in your household with simple yet fundamental self-defense tools that they may one day need.
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The VI Levels Orlando Kids Mixed Martial Arts Program will truly change your child’s life and yours. As we know, a child must be treated with care, love, and attention and when that is done properly, there is no limit to how that child can develop physically and mentally. We know that there will be […]
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Our Adult Gracie Jiu-Jitsu program is a wonderful place for people who want to learn how to defend themselves, have fun, get in the greatest shape of their lives and do it all under the watchful eye of excellent, caring, and skilled instructors. This program will boost your confidence, physical condition, and mental preparedness, all […]
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Tailored For You


Our World-Class & Celebrity Trainers offer personalized, Semi-Private and Private Classes tailored to the individual needs of that person or group. Our Programs range from Jiu Jitsu, Fitness, Striking, MMA, Muay Thai, Tactical Jiu Jitsu and so much more. Our Family Programs is tailored for Self-Defense in a modern world with Programs for Women's Self Defense, Collage Campus Defense, Model Muggin', and so much more.

Private Classes & Programs

Campus Defense

Are you looking for an invaluable life skill to equip your son or daughter before they enter college? Or maybe you’re a college student yourself and want to stay safe while out on the town? Campus Defense Classes offers innovative, Celebrity-trained courses created specifically to help young people avoid and get out of dangerous situations. […]


At 6 Levels, we believe that everyone has the right to be safe — and our classes can help make that happen. We offer Muay Thai-based training for students of all levels — from parents learning how to protect themselves and their offspring to college students seeking a unique approach to fitness. Our experienced instructors […]

Women’s Self Defense

Women’s Self-Defense That’s Simple, Practical, And Most of All — Reliable. Our Women’s Self-Defense program is based on the effective and efficient techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Molded to everyday situations.

Fitness Training

We offer Group and Private Classes to help get the results you desire. People who are looking for more personal attention, can hire one of our world-class coaches for Fitness & Cardio Training. Your challenge, become the best version of you!


Our Teens Program offers the same great jiu-jitsu, striking and MMA we offer in our programs for younger students – but at a faster, more advanced pace catered for your “older” youngsters. In this class, we continue to teach our basic BJJ principles but are also able to delve into refining techniques.

Model Muggin

At 6 Levels, we understand that life can bring the unexpected. That’s why we are here to help you prepare for the worst. Our Model Muggin classes will provide you with skills and confidence to handle any possible situation should a mugging occur. We have designed a comprehensive set of courses so that individuals, couples, […]

Family Safe

Family Safe Classes provide a safe and effective platform for families to come together and talk about potential emergencies. With their extensive range of courses, tailored specifically to vulnerability and family-specific needs, you can ensure your family will have the necessary skills to protect themselves in any kind of situation. The program’s scope is wide-ranging […]

Handgun Protection

Handgun Protection at 6 Levels is the perfect way to learn how to use your handgun safely and effectively. Our courses provide a comprehensive foundation for understanding handgun mechanics, gun safety, and control. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping gun owners maintain full control of their weapons in any situation by improving their accuracy […]

Handgun Manipulation

Handgun Manipulation offers those who are interested in guns and firearm safety the ability to learn how to properly manipulate and handle a handgun. Whether you’re a beginner looking to develop your initial firearm manipulation skills, or an experienced shooter who wants to perfect their technique, our program can help you gain the knowledge required […]

Tactical Jiu Jitsu (TJJ)

Introducing Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™ (TJJ™) – the street-ready program for personal protection and self-defense. TJJ is a blend of martial arts, military, and law enforcement strategies that provide an effective and comprehensive approach to self-defense. This system is designed to be accessible and applicable for all skill sets so anyone who is serious about protecting themselves […]
Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Training Facility in Central Florida.

Jon Burke JB

Jon Burke

Owner & Operator
Jamie Burke

Jamie Burke

Personal Fitness Trainer
Ryan Youth Coach

Ryan Keenan

Director of Youth Programs
Founded & Operated by

Celebrity Trainer
Jonathan Burke

Jon has developed a systematic approach to training individuals in mixed martial arts in a very safe, controlled, and professional environment that incorporates all the levels of mixed martial arts. He calls his system "The 6 Levels."

20 + Years

Jon has been training and teaching Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts, self-defense, rape awareness, close quarter, and hand-to-hand combat for over 20 + years.

Student-Friendly Teaching

Jon’s expertise and his student-friendly teaching methodologies have been implemented by Navy S.E.A.L.s, U.S. Special Forces, U.S. Army Rangers and other highly skilled and qualified members of the U.S. Armed Forces as well as U.S. federal and state law enforcement agencies.


Where the Celebrities Train!

The VI Level Fitness & Jui Jitsu Programs are so effective that some of the world's top athletes train at VI Levels. However, you don't have to be a professional athlete to take full advantage of the VI Levels Programs. Even some of Hollywood's elite have trained under Jonathan Burke because the VI Levels is for EVERYONE.

Our Unstoppable

Kids Competition Team

6 Levels Competition Team

VI Levels Competition

Not only do we offer the most effective Kids Programs in the Country, but we also have our Kids Competition Team and offer Private Classes for Kids looking to further their abilities in a one-on-one setting.

  • - Youth Competitors
  • - Teen Competitors
  • - Dedicated Competition Coach

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